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Empower your Host Cell Protein Identification!

Antibody Affinity Extraction Enables Identification of Host Cell Proteins by Mass Spectrometry

Antibody Affinity Extraction (AAE) is a powerful orthogonal method that helps improve Mass Spectrometry (MS) sensitivity. Integration of AAE and MS enables comprehensive HCP analysis that provides data for your process development teams on how to modify DS purification processes to improve drug substance purity, and aid in your decision on whether your HCP ELISA is fit for purpose of process monitoring and product lot release.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • How you can identify Host Cell Proteins present in your samples even in the lowest amounts
  • Why integrating these orthogonal methods enables identification of those HCPs that persist through purification process
  • How you can optimize your purification process based on the insights gained from the integrated AAE and MS methods

About the Speaker

Jared Issac
With a PhD in biomedical research and six years of experience in the genomics and proteomics space, Dr. Jared Issac is an expert in qualitative and quantitative mass spectrometry methods of cancer biomarkers. He is currently leading Cygnus Technologies’ mass spectrometry service for identification and quantification of biopharmaceutical process impurities to ensure safety and efficacy of biological drugs.